TIKK is back with their next single „NAHUAL“ NAHUAL is a deep hypnotic DOWNTEMPO song that takes you to a musical journey. It’s a dive into the spheres of electro-acoustic indigenous music. Breezy flutes combined with traditional jungle drums, create the

Ghoul the Green Giant arises from his deep sleep in the rainforest of the Amazon He woke up by the sound of the shamanic jungle drums played by the little magical TIKK monkeys. Feeling the energetikk vibe he slowly moves

Kismet in many different languages means the lot that we receive as we enter the world. It is our ticket to the game of life. Some things are already written in the book of destiny, others are yet to

The Caravan breaks into a new adventure   The horses and the crew are ready and set to go. They will be tested on their way through the desert. The goal of the journey is Al Dorado, a place only few

In order to move, you have to let go. Elveda, which means farewell in Turkish, is one of our most painful experiences in life. To lose a loved one is what we all have to go through along the way.